Back on the Eloquence Contest

Our first event was a mean to let Centrale express some voices through marginal ways. We staged an eloquence student, opened to the 800 students in Centrale, where teams were grouped by affiliations and flatmates. We cherish to offer new point of views and let future engineers express themselves through words and gestures.

The different subjects could be serious or not, like : “ Is the first time always the best”, “ If there are a lot of people who are right that implies the are right” or “Is the accent from Marseille a provocation ? “

This kind of tournament is uncommon in engineering school and we were very proud of it success ! The president of the association of student and the director of the international relationship assisted to the final and appreciated to chose who can be the first winner of this tournament.

This latter is nothing but Titi – the men in the photo below that - , a charismatic Rugby men, whose the talents of speech were impressive. He managed to mixt humour, class and intelligent argue to win. The others participants were not afraid of his performance and they also spoke with subtilities and eloquence , but maybe not enough to defeat Titi.

Blaise Pascal

"Eloquence is a painting of the thoughts."

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