Introduction to the 2019 MUN

Save the date : 17th, 18th and 19th of may ! This year at Ecole Centrale of Lyon will take place the only Model UN conference in an engineer school in France.
During these three days, around 100 people will enroll from lots of different school and will participate to the conference. Conference, afterwork and discussions will be in the agenda of this weekend

The topic this year is : « Access to care in the 21st century ». Let’s talk about some medical matters.

ECLYMUN seeks to bring together future generations of leaders from all corners of the globe to gain first-hand experience in international relations, to produce high quality resolutions aimed at bringing about the Future We Want.

This year at the MUN organized by ECLYMUN, there will be two committees: The WHO (World Health Organization) and the Technology and Science committee . The first one will be the opportunity to deal with global health matters. And the second one is about how solve these problems.

When you join the event, you will have the choice of your committee and you will have to choose two countries, ECLYMUN will do its best to offer you the country of your choice. At this MUN you will represent a country with another person. If you have already your partner you can indicate it on the form. Otherwise we will associate you with someone else. After we validate your country we will give you a position paper which includes some information about the country you’ll represent.

All the weekend organized by ECLYMUN is at the price of 25€. With this you will have access to all the debates, all the conferences, the afterwork and the evening in a Lyon’s bar. Concerning the housing, there are some options on the ticketing.

Such an opportunity to discover the city of Lyon ! You can enroll here

Participate to the 2019 MUN

From 17-19 of May ECLYMUN organize a MUN in CENTRALE LYON. This conference is open to everyone! So let create, debate and decide what should be tomorrow world

Join in !

What is the specificity of the ECLYMUN 2019 ?

One of the thing which can annoy someone when he participates to a MUN is the Position Paper he has to provide. Actually, it can be long and difficult, especially when you represent a country that you don’t know so well. This is why ECLYMUN has decided to provide you all the Position Paper you need !
The main information about the country ( GDP, government ), key figures and actions about health will be given to you, in order to simplify your work during the weeking, and to avoid some supplementary work. However, you can bring your own Position Paper, in addition to the ours to complete your point of view !

PS: Be careful ! The position paper contains many information but you may believe it is not sufficient. So when you choose a country, be sure that you know it a bit !

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