ECLYMUN is a student organisation born in the French engineering school Centrale Lyon in 2016 first as project proposed by the school to promote interest in geopolitics to its students and tomorrow’s leaders. It became the first organisation of this type in French engineering schools. In this very first year, the members of ECLYMUN succeeded in staging the first Model United Nations with panel discussions and general assembly gathering 50 participants from Centrale Lyon, surrounding schools and universities abroad on matters such as ... .

In 2018, the new members of ECLYMUN decided to focused rather on Centrale Lyon’s studentsas a public to gain in notoriety inside the school by organising mini-MUNs gathering a dozen students a time periodically. Students joined together for panel discussions on world issues, situations and geopolitics such as independentism or ... matters in a formal setting resembling the one taking place at the UN. In addition to these events, punctual debates in various languages were organised to draw all of the multicultural population of the campus into feeling more concerned, able to express and discuss on the events and issues taking place in the world.

This year, our team is determined to achieve the same missions and much more. The number of members has grown and we are aiming to develop and encourage speaking out on issues they are concern about. Broadly we want to help them defend their opinions in debates and simple discussions. Therefore, we already successfully launched our first debating contest in our engineering school in February 2019 and we are planning many more events this year. Wewant to bring the debate and the geopolitical knowledge in our student engineer population and the next steps will be a journalism contests, the traditional mini-MUNs and multilingual debate. The novelty of this year will also be some visits of prestigious international institutionsclose to Lyon and a new staging of a larger Model United Nations in May which will be our biggest event of the year with 100 participants coming on our campus to debate on matters regarding access to healthcare.

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Winston S. Churchill

“History will be kind to me for I intend to write it.”

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