What is MUN?
To learn more about MUN, click here. You are also encouraged to visit the useful links/resources section.

I have never done MUN. Can I participate in one of ECLYMUN’s events or debates?
Of course! ECLYMUN’s goal is to promote and establish a MUN culture in France. If you do not know how to do MUN, come by our events, and we will teach you, and give you a space to practice among with other MUNers.

I do not study in France. However, I would love to do MUN in Lyon! Does ECLYMUN organise an international MUN Conference?
One of ECLYMUN’s goals is to organise an international MUN Conference, in Lisbon. Because we are a new association we will not organise an international MUN this year, but we are planning on holding its first edition in 2018.

Want to know when the registrations will be open? What to help organise the conference?

Is there an age limit for participants of ECLYMUN 2019?
Due to local youth protection legislation, participants have to be at least 18 years old. Unfortunately, exemptions cannot be granted.

Can I only choose between the countries given on the list for each Committee?
Applicants have to apply for a country that is listed on the Committee page.

What is the dress code?
The dress code at ECLYMUN is Western Business Attire for the formal part of the conference (sessions and ceremonies). This does exclude socials.

What is the official language of the conference?
The main language at ECLYMUN will be French and English.

How do I register?
Registration is done via a Google Form on Just here. Once submitted, we first have to accept your application before payment can occur.

I need a formal invitation letter for my Institution/University, what do I do?
If you would like an Invitation letter for your institution, please let us know by sending us an email to contact-eclymun@gmail.com In this email please state the official name of the institution, the name and the official title of the person the letter should be addressed to and an email address. We will then proceed your request as soon as possible.