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ECLYMUN in a few words

ECLYMUN is a student organization which wants to promote geopolitic issues, debate and eloquence to the engineering students.

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ECLYMUN is a student organization created by french engineers from Centrale Lyon, and provides events that promote geopolitical issues. We hold Model United Nations in Centrale Lyon. We also organize Eloquence and Articles contest.
Our team has some values in common that we love to promote. As such, engineers, no matter their technical work, need to understand the ins and outs of such an intricate society we live in. We care about letting each of Centrale Lyon student (and others!) an opportunity to express their interest about non-scientific themes, that deserve a strong place in our minds !

Thomas Nivet

President, 2018-2019

Participate to the 2019 MUN

From 17-19 of May ECLYMUN organize a MUN in CENTRALE LYON. This conference is open to everyone! So let create, debate and decide what should be tomorrow world

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2019 ECLYMUN Team

2019 ECLYMUN Team

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