Science and Technology Committee

Importance of International Electric Grids and Electricity Storage.


Countries are currently looking for cleaner energy sources. Sadly, renewable sources are rarely as efficient as fossil fuels, and less predictable. One of the better sources is sun power in the Sahara desert, presenting continuous and high outputs, almost no backlash from local populations to the use of the land, and a possible development of local economies.


To make this possible, the Desertec project was launched in 2003. Its objective is to connect the European and northern African power grids to get energy from the Sahara desert to the European market. It also plans the construction of the necessary plants in the desert, which has the potential to feed reliably European consumption.


Such a project needs a new level of international cooperation, as well as a stabilization of local security situations. Delegates will try to find a scenario and plan that would make this project possible, and will have to make European and African needs compatible. (Other countries currently in supranational agreements, and big energy consumers can be brought into the mix to discuss other possible grid projects and issues around them).


DESERTEC: Kingdom of Morocco, Republic of Turkey, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kingdom of Denmark, Federal Republic of Germany, Kingdom of Spain, Kingdom of Sweden, Swiss Confederation