Political and Territorial Committee

South China Sea, Senkaku Islands and Pole territorial claims.

The race to find new energy sources and more natural resources comes from each country’s will to be independent in that aspect. This issue has permeated other thorny conflicts concerning territorial claims around the world, usually with oil deposits existing across the disputed zones and their allocation depending on the borders decided upon.


Some of this conflicts are the South China Sea dispute between a number of South East Asian countries, China and Japan’s tug-of-war for the Senkaku Islands (with Taiwan in the mix) and claims for control of the North Pole by various countries, with oil deposits, fishing rights and a possibly lucrative trade route at stake.


Delegates will be encouraged to find viable solution to these disputes that convince all the countries concerned or at least defuse the situation. They should take into account history, proximity, and each country’s needs.


Canada, People’s Republic of China, Kingdom of Denmark, Republic of Indonesia, Russian Federation, Kingdom of Thailand, Republic of the Philippines, Socialist Republic of Vietnam.