Global information

Here you will find information about the great MUN. How much does it cost ? How to go to centrale Lyon ? etc...

The price

Accommodated student : We decided to set the participation price around 40 € for a student who needs accomodation. This price includes 2 nights, 5 meals, a good bye snack, and of course, participation to the event.

Other students : We decided to set the price for the MUN around 25 € for others students, and it includes everything except lodging.

A tour in Lyon

Because it would be too sad to be in Lyon without visiting the city : on Saturday the 7th, we propose you to visit the beautiful town we are living in ! You are our guests and we will show you Lyon's main places and, eventually we would have a dinner in town !

Picture of Lyon at Twilight
Figure 1 -Lyon at twilight-