About our organisation

ECLYMUN is an association of centrale Lyon that has existed for 2 years. The association is led by 6 first year students chosen by the previous generation.

Image of the previous team
Figure 1 -The 2017 ECLYMUN team-

A association that want to be international

One of our aims is to get centrale Lyon's students interested in international issues. We try to have them involved in others international activities than an English course. So, as well as we are organising the great MUN we organise mini MUNs, and we publish article on international issues on both our facebook page and this website.

Vote in a mini MUN
Figure 2 -A picture of our first MUN-

The New ECLYMUN team

If you want to know who's who in this picture you can click here !

Funny picture of the team
Figure 3 -A "funny" picture of the team-