A MUN or Model United Nations is an event in which students simulate a United Nations assembly playing the role of the Foreign Affairs minister of a given country to debate social, economical and political issues that affect several territories.


Models of this nature have existed for quite a long time already -the first one was in 1920 in the United States, as a League of Nations simulation. Each year, thousands of students from all the continents take part in these debating experiences, that not only give them the chance to improve their debating skills, but also allow them to meet people from different cultures and practice a foreign language. Moreover, students have to prepare their interventions months in advance, so they have to carry out a deep research about an asigned country in order to defend its position about the different matters. They can be organized anywhere and for every kind of students (usually for highschoolers and college students). The most common language is English, but it is the hosts’ choice. So if you want to learn about diplomacy, improve your debating skills and mix with people from here and there, MUNs are your thing!