2018 Edition

Presentation 2018 Subject

The Subject

During the MUN, students will discuss water issues around the world. The precise topics of the different debates will be published down there. You will also know which country you may represent.

We have just determined the issues you will discuss :

  • Security Council : Linking Humanitarian Answer to Water Related Disaster and Development.
  • Countries : Bolivia, Ethipia, Kazakhstan, Netherlands, Sweden, China, France, Russian Federation, United Kingdom, United States of America.
  • Economic and social committee : How to finance Water and Sanitation : How to Achieve Sustainable Cost Recovery that is Financially Sustainable, Reliable and Socially Equitable?
  • Countries : Australia, Belgium, Chile, Czech Republic, Iraq, Italy, Lebanon, Nigeria, Peru, Republic of Moldova, Somalia, South Africa, United States of America and Viet Nam.
  • Science and technology committee : A global Mechanism to Measure, Monitor and Share Scientific and Social Data / Developing Cities Urbanism: Towards a Planned Integration of Water and Sanitation Services.
  • Countries : Angola, Kenya, China, India, Bulgaria, Latvia, Poland, Cuba, Peru, Canada, Sweden, Turkey, United Kingdom.
  • Political and territorial committee : How to set up the boundaries, the question of transboundary water
  • Countries : Canada, USA, Mexico (Yukon River Basin and Colorado River Basin), Honduras, El Savador (GoascorĂ¡n River Basin), Bolivia, Peru (Lake Titicaca Basin), Mongolia, Russia (Yenisei River Basin) and Egypt, Soudan (Nile River Basin).
  • Special environmental committee : How to slow down the environmental degradation
  • Countries : Cape Verde, Kenya, Burundi, Rwanda, Somalia, Egypt, South Africa, India, Mongolia, Australia, Italia, France and Venezuela.
Kid driking water
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